Our Future Sun HP provides state of the art tanning results like no other. This tanning bed features a wide, comfortable tanning surface that is air-cooled for comfort. In addition there are specific cooling adjustments for your face, shoulders, chest, and legs.
Adjustable Facial Tanner intensity allows you to turn the facials off or vary the intensity to your personal preferences. With a maximum tan time of 10 minutes and an average tan time of 7 minutes this bed gets you where you want to go fast!

Tanning Beds

Go Tanning for $19 a month! Miami Tanning Spas offers a complete range of UV tanning beds. Our Tanning Salon offers everything from our budget friendly standard beds to our quick and easy 10 minute Future Sun HP and 12 minute Cayenne Turbo bronzing tanning beds.  There are both lay down and stand up options, we even have a bed to tan just your legs.  Visit our coupons page for our current tanning specials and then come on down and get the golden tan you deserve!

Staff at Miami Tanning Spas are fully certified and trained to answer any questions you may have and we will make sure that your visit is a pleasant and fulfilling one.

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​Fast...Effective 10 minute sessions.  36 Reflector Tanning Lamps are powerful at 160 watts each, higher wattage than the competition...Assures even all-around leg tanning.  Open the clamshell top, Relax in the adjustable swivel chair, and prepare to experience Fast And Effective tanning from your hips to your toes.  


Rather stand up?   The spacious cabin in this one of a kind stand up tanning bed permits free movement, enabling a seamless tan to be acquired on virtually every part of the body. It also has the application of the ultimate XXL 200 watt reflector lamps to provide you with a long lasting tan.  It can produce beautiful results in as little as 2 to 3 sessions. It offers maximum tanning results, with a short tanning session of 10 minutes.


Our basic tanning bed is anything but basic.  The Tropical has 31 UV body lamps and an additional 10 facial spaghetti lamps woven into the top canopy.  It goes above and beyond any other standard bed in the industry.


Engineered with perfect results in mind, the 250 – with its combination of Super Power UV lamps and high-pressure facials – is loaded with tanning power to spare. Keeping clients cool and comfortable with all this power is a large, yet quiet, rotary foot fan. The 250’s comfort as well as its tanning results benefit from the Body Curve extended tanning surface. It softly supports customers while positioning them perfectly for an even distribution of UV light. 


Ergoline's top performing tanning bed has 46 turbo power lamps at 160 watts each and 4 UVB free 500 watt adjustable facial tanners plus neck and shoulder tanners. The Evolution is a great choice with excellent tanning results in just 12 minutes.  It has a wide laying surface for maximum comfort, contoured acrylic to minimize pressure points and built in A/C.


11,000 Watts and 4 UVB free facial tanners. Try our Orbit tanning bed! Unlike some sunbeds operating in salons that can take up to 15-20 minutes per session, these beds  are a quick 12 minutes maximum. Establish a good base tan, in as few as 3 visits and follow-up to maintain your tan can be reduced to once or twice a week…


This luxurious tanning bed provides a comfortable tanning environment and quick results.  This is a 10-minute bed that produces better results in less time and features Five 500-watt Ultimate Reflection™ facial tanning lamps with face tanner controls.  It features a revolutionary wide bench and canopy; full body air conditioning; easy to see and easy to operate controls; and 10 photometrically designed shoulder tanners. The SunScape Tanning Beds features 55 full-length 200-watt lamps, which give up to 40 percent higher results than 160 watt lamps.


Get an amazing tan with this European, efficient masterpiece. It can produce a great tan in as little as 2 to 3 sessions. It offers maximum tanning results, with a short average tanning session 12 minutes.  This large, elliptical shaped sunbed ensures that every part of your body gets incredible tanning results….leaving no body parts untouched. It is recommended to do 3-4 tanning sessions every other day for the first week, and then 1-2 tans per week to maintain a golden healthy color. It also provides an air conditioned environment and separate No-Burn Facial tanning lamps, adjusted to your perfect setting.

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