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We offer a wide selection of lotions for enhancing your tan experience. Lotions are an important factor when tanning indoors. Lotions can increase your tan by 40%-60% and help to maintain a longer lasting tan. Lotions also replenish your skin with moisture, vitamins and nutrients! They aid in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. EZ Pay customers receive 10-25% of products! 

​Designer Skin®
Designer Skin’s prevailing philosophy is “Nutrition for the Skin” and this mantra drives every aspect of their product development. Designer Skin’s phenomenal line of dark tanning formulas provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of advanced skincare ingredients and superior formulations. Exceptional skincare. Exceptional color.
​​​California Tan*The Tanning Authority
California Tan has 20 years of experience in the development of innovative, cutting-edge tanning products. They are the leading manufacturer of indoor tanning lotions, combining advanced tanning technologies with premium skin care. No matter how you want to get your golden glow, we’ve got you covered, and only we can deliver a true California Tan.
Norvell® Sunless Tanning Preparation and Maintenance
We offer Norvell® Tanning Preparation & Maintenance products to help you prepare your skin and keep it in the best condition to achieve a more beautiful, longer lasting tan.

The Norvell Collection

​ProLong Tan Extending Moisturizer:
Moisturizer with Color Control. Daily moisturizer with a hint of sunless color to build or extend your golden tan. Perfect for all skin types. With Aquaxyl™ cellular moisture binder for super strength hydration. Protective Anti-Aging AstraCran™ super concentrated antioxidant that has 500 times the protective benefits of Vitamin C. Hydrating Aquaxyl™ prevents moisture loss at its cellular source by binding moisture deep within the skin’s subsurface layers. Skin is able to maintain its ideal moisture level all day to keep color fresh & lasting.
Firming Caffeine tones & smooths skin surface.
Use daily to build or extend radiant golden color of your Airbrush tan. ProLong is the simplest way to control your tan’s level of darkness. Gentle, natural tanning agents are blended with the highest of quality ingredients to produce superior, subtle color. Use daily for a week to reach the golden bliss you desire or to keep any tan (UV or Sunless) fresh and glowing. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, facial quality. Perfect for all types of skin.

Amber Sun™Hydrating Shower Gel:
Decadently scented, nutrient-rich cleanser with invigorating essences to keep skin soft and glowing. Drench your skin with the velvety smoothness of Norvell’s Amber Sun Shower Gel! This luxuriously foamy cleanser is packed with moisturizing agents that leave skin super-hydrated and lusciously scented. Special formula will not strip your skin’s natural amino acids (acid mantel) to keep DHA/Sunless color development at its very best. Natural ingredients inhibit the after-scent of DHA sunless products. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and perfect for all skin types.

INFRARED GELS*Body Wrap Enhancers
The Infrared Firming Gel aids in speeding up the breakdown of fat and cellulite cells.  Where the Infrared Body Wrap works from the inside out, the Infrared Gel works from the outside in, helping the fat break down twice as fast.  

This product should be used by all Infrared clients.  Most gels are usually sticky and drying while our Infrared Firming Gel is not sticky and is full of luxurious moisturizing ingredients.  
The gel is super easy to use…
Before the Infrared session, simply apply the gel over the whole body or just on your target areas.

Red Light Anti-Aging Sprays and Serums

Micro Mist Face and Body Spray

The refreshing light mist helps prepare your skin for Red Light exposure.  By establishing your skin's proper PH balance maximum therapeutic benefits are achieved.  It is Hypo Allergenic and Fragrance Free!

Ultra Concentrated Pre and Post Therapy Serums

Under Eye Serum: The ultra light, fragrance free serums help reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and chronic puffiness surrounding the orbital area.  

Skin Lightening Serum: This fast absorbing, fragrance free serum helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and diminishes discolored hyper pigmentation areas of the skin.

Pre/Post Facial Serum: This advanced,fragrance free serum helps support and stimulate intracellular energy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

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