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Miami Tanning Spas' Airbrush gives you a beautiful instant tan within a few minutes. It is used on all skin types and can be applied in different shades. Whether you desire the bronzed goddess look or just a light glow, our staff is trained in customizing color in regards to your needs. It's the perfect quick fix for those important events in your life or a great mood enhancer on a gloomy day.

Expect your sunless tan will last approximately seven days or longer depending upon your ability to follow a proper daily moisturizing regimen and your lifestyle. A sunless tan fades just like a tan from the sun. As you sluff off dead skin cells, your tan begins to fade. Proper skin hydration is the key to maximum longevity. We offer a complete line of aftercare products especially designed for use with your sunless tan. When used as directed, they can extend the color of your skin and keep it smooth and even-looking for up to two weeks.

Our airbrush spray tanning formulas are 99% natural-based, contain no alcohol and are Paraben-free. The active tanning ingredient, DHA,  provides a smart alternative to the sun and is found in all sunless tanning products. Miami Tanning Spa’s Airbrush Tanning formula also contains botanical extracts and hydrating properties. The result: a satisfying, deeply nourishing spray tan that actually revitalizes your skin!

Call today and book your Airbrush in Woodland Hills and be guaranteed to get the Best Spray Tan you've ever had.  Read our Airbrush/Spray Tanning Tips and your beautiful bronzed tan will be sure to last.


24 hours before your session

Exfoliate at least 8 hours before each sunless session to remove dry, flaky skin. Avoid high PH shower products, or in-shower moisturizers.
Do not use lotions, moisturizer, oils, deodorant or perfume prior to your sunless session.
Any waxing should be done no less than 2 days prior to your sunless session.
Shave at least 6 hours prior to your sunless session.

Day of Session

Wear dark loose fitting clothing, tight clothes can rub off or smear the bronzers.
Remove any make-up, and all jewelry.
Use barrier cream on cuticles of fingers and toes, palms of hands, and webbing between fingers and toes.
Moisten lips with lip balm.

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